J ason Kliewer started building drums as a hobby business under the name “Kliewer Custom Drums” when he was in high school in BC, Canada. The name was too hard to say, however, so we took the initials K. C. and in 2008 our name officially changed to Casey Drums. During the early years, Jason’s commitment to product quality was established and this remains the backbone of Casey Drums. In 2008 he became partners with his wife, Christina, who brought creative business ideas, down-to-earth management skills and her love of arts and photography. Although Casey Drums has expanded as a company, customer service and attention to detail with each and every drum remains our top priority. If you are interested in learning more about Casey Drums or are looking to acquire a full kit or a single drum, feel free to contact Jason Kliewer. All questions or requests are taken care of immediately.


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail on each drum that comes through our shop. Each shell and piece of hardware is inspected before it is used on our product. This is not exclusive to our custom kits- it begins on the lowest model. All series have the same quality bearing edges and attention to detail. Whether you are buying our Show Series™ or a handcrafted Canadian Made Custom Series™ no matter how much you spend you are investing in a high quality instrument from start to finish, period.