Custom Series

The Casey Custom Series is our flagship series of Canadian handmade drums crafted by Jason Kliewer. Choose from a vast collection of shell configurations and limitless finish options, topped with various hardware color options to design and craft your dream set.

When ordering a Custom set, you will be in contact with Jason throughout the build. This ensures that the kit is produced to your exact specifications and enables us to answer any of your questions. Do not hesitate to inquire if you have new ideas for your kit. As you can see in the gallery, our Custom Series is only limited by your own creativity.

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-Solid steam bent shells

-Extended front Bass drum hoop with cutout designs

-Custom badges engraved on wood, metals, plastics.

-Wood hoops with limitless finish options and inset claws

-Gauger RIMS suspension system

-Offset lugs 7/8” and 50% etc.

-Keller maple shells

-2” wide Bass drum hoops

-Dunnett Gull Wing Spurs

-Dunnett R Class throw off

-Solid machined, single bolt lugs

-2.3mm Triple Flange hoops

-Lug mounted suspension plate

-Evans drum heads

For a custom quote on your drums, please contact Jason Kliewer for a quote!