Hey everyone! After months (dare I say years?) of “change this” or “change that” we have finally finished our new Casey Drums website 2.0! This new site features some cool new things that I think will help you guys get the information you need quicker and easier. First off check out the new sound samples on each drum series page. An FAQ page was an addition to our new site to help out with the tough questions you have when looking for a new custom set. Also a really neat artist page that looks clean and simple but with drop down bars gives a cool pic, kit description and short bio on the artist. This is one of my favourite pages! Do you like videos? We do. We have several videos on a variety of kits. Check them out frequently as we will be adding more videos on a more regular basis. Stay in touch via the contact page and our new social media tabs on several of the pages! Thank you all so much for your commitment to Casey Drums and patience waiting for this new site. Cheers!

-Jason Kliewer

PS. I’m so happy this new site is done!
PSS. Stayed tuned to this NEWS page. I’ll be updating you guys with cool stuff thats going on at CASEY!
PSSS. I know my office webcam skills are lacking…