Stain Series

The Stain series is a Canadian handmade professional line made by Jason Kliewer. With Keller shells and Evans drum heads, this series includes the standard hardware found on a custom kit including solid machined, single-bolt lugs, Dunnett Gull Wing spurs and R Class throw-offs. Stain series kits are available in a range of satin stain finishes and feature the most popular custom options and sizing configurations.

This is a Casey favorite due to its high durability, affordable cost, and great aesthetic appeal.

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The Show Series drums come in one size configuration only. They are full 6 piece kits that come complete with 2 boom stands, a drum throne, and hi hat stand. Here are the sizes of the shells:

Bass Drums (2)       22″ x 17″   &   24″ x 17″

Rack Toms (2)   10″ x 8″   & 12″ x 8.5″

Floor Toms (2)   14″ x 14″   &   16″ x 16″

Snare Drums (2)       14″ x 5.5″   &   14″ x 6″

For a custom quote on your drums, please contact Jason Kliewer for a quote!