Casey Drums has many customers that are very satisfied with their drums. Here is a selection of testimonials of very happy drummers. If you own a Casey drum kit, and/or have had a positive experience working with Jason, please submit your own testimonial by contacting Jason here!


Steve Klassen
“My Casey drums can be heard on almost every one of the records that I have engineered or produced. Its been awesome to slowly start replacing my stock sample library with my own samples of the Casey drums I have recorded. The support that the studio has received from Jason @ casey has been incredible.”
Steve Klassen The Sound Suite Studios
“Casey Drums SOUND as good as they LOOK! I’ve never had so many people ask about my drummer’s drums than when Caseys are on stage.”
Laurell Laurell

“We’ve had the amazing pleasure of working with Jason of Casey Drums on many different drum lesson video projects. We highly recommend Jason and Casey Drums as we believe they have the three main qualities of a successful custom drum company; good people, great sound, and amazing looks. The drums always sound stellar, look amazing, and Jason is a pleasure to work with and stands 100% behind his product.”
Nathan Savage
“The first time I met Jason Kliewer was when we were on a tour in Europe. At that time I didn’t even know he made drums. I first heard Casey drums when I was shooting the Beginner Guitar System. The kit that we were using was absolutely amazing sounding. All of the customization and wood hoops gave the kit one of the most organic sounds that I have heard to date”
Nathan Savage GuitarLessons.com

Matt Appenheimer
“MY Casey custom snare has been amazing. I’ve been looking for something deep but something that has great tuning versatility. These drums sound and look stunning, I highly recommend them to any style of player.”
Matt Appenheimer A New Divide
Jordan Kettner
“Jason worked hard to hook us up with the drums that we needed on short notice. Definitely went ‘over the top’ to make sure we got what we needed!”
Jordan Kettner

Jon Weibe
“We’ve had the opportunity to use Casey Drums for a number of events over the past couple years. Jason is great to deal with; always responds promptly and professionally. He provides an excellent product that our drummers love to use.”
Jon Weibe Pastor of student ministries, South Abbotsford Church
Luke Unrah
“Every experience has been a fantastic one, drums always sounds and look great and professional and personal dealings. It’s always a pleasure. Nothing bad to say about casey drums! They are my new first choice of kit!”
Luke Unrah Independent

Damion Bell
“My name is Damian Bell and I love Casey Drums all around, They have great quality work, top notch designs and great customer service. The price’s are awesome and cant be beet for the quality. Jason Kliewer also, is the greatest, He’s worked with me from day one and accepted me into the Casey Drums family and i’m great appreciative. Thanks for the Endorsement and even for more thanks for the quality of work.”
Damion Bell
Mike Veny
“I’ll never forget the day that I received my Casey bass drum in the mail. I opened the box, took it out, and was in awe of the love put in to the sleek design details. Most importantly, the sound of the drum had a tone and clarity combination unlike any drum I had ever heard.”
Mike Veny

Shane Clark
“Looks are not everything when it comes to Casey Drums! Not only are they easy on the eyes, these drums sound as great if not even greater than they look! Jason Kliewer of Casey Drums makes that drum of your dreams a reality.”
Shane Clark The Paxton Bachman Band, Harma White
Dave Atkinson
“Jason has a very unique skill when it comes to creating drums. I have never seen someone put so much pride into their own work as I have seen Jason do. I have played on many acrylic drum sets, and none of them sounded nearly as nice as the custom build I got from Casey Drums. Full and bright, these drums stand out to anyone in the audience, and invite all sorts up after shows to take a closer look. In addition to the drums, Jason is a very personable guy, who actually cares about his customers. I feel that if absolutely anything were to happen to these drums he would see to it personally – and that is what you want in a company owner!”
Dave Atkinson YUCA

Lionel Duperron
“I’m one that always loves to  try new gear.  With Casey Drums I was first attracted to their look and the mastery of  craftsmanship that they displayed.   After meeting Jason I soon realized why Casey Drums were the quality they were.  And I was excited about giving them a try.  When I first get a new piece of gear what I always do is tune it up and then experiment with it.  When I first got a Casey kit I set it up, then started playing right away without it really being tuned.  I enjoyed it so much that it took me about two weeks before I decided to tune it.  Casey Drums are inspiring to play whether in tune or out.  Their warm tone balanced with a  sensitive attack allows me to play at my best when I’m not feeling my best.  I find that they bring the musician out in me.  It’s one thing to be a drummer that just hits things but it’s all together another thing to play like a musician.  Casey Drums allows me to be the driving musician of the band with greater ease.  I do believe that Casey Drums is taking drum craftsmanship to the next era and I’m just proud to be a part of it.  Thanks Jason!”

Lionel Duperron
Phil Gardner
“Casey Drums are amazing! I have always had this dream kit in my mind, but I’ve never had the chance to really sit down with someone to get my ideas out, and being able to sit down with Jason and getting to know him and what he does was a very comfortable experience. He knew exactly where I wanted to go with my vision for my kit, and not to mention, the price was outstanding! The quality of craftsmanship, and sound and tone of the drums speak for themselves, and can rival any of the big drum companies. Casey drums not only look and sound amazing, but getting what you really want out of a drum kit is really where it’s at. They actually sit with you, and build your dream.

PS. I don’t want a free t-shirt or swag, I want amazing quality drums from a company that I can stand behind. And Casey Drums provides exactly that”

Phil Gardner Incura

Brad Dejardins
“Casey is by far the most helpful and creative (NOT cheesy) drum company that you can find. Their hands on approach with customers and kits alike give off a very professional aura. How many companies will take the customer from a blank drawing board all the way to the end end product of their dreams? Just one; Casey Drums.”
Brad Dejardins Fanaticus
Tyson Finley
“Casey Custom Drums are top notch. The creative custom options that Jason Kliewer comes up with are second to none and of the highest quality. There are many “custom” drum companies in the world today, but there is only one CASEY drums.”
Tyson Finley DRUM Department, Long & McQuade Surrey

Adam Smith
“Ever think about buying your dream sports car (or something of the sort) and just imagine how it does everything you want it to? It looks good, the steering is tight, the feel is amazing and 300mph is achievable in 3 seconds… It does exactly what you had dreamed it would do. Although I will probably never own a Ferrari (i’m a musician, come on!), my experience on a Casey Kit was very much the same thrill. When I play on a Casey drum kit, I get pins and needles like i’m going 300mph. The kit sounds amazing. When I hit the snare, or a tom, or the kick, the sound that comes out is EXACTLY what I want to hear and nothing inspires better creativity than amazing sounding drums. Both in Studio and Live, the Casey kit performs perfectly. The tones are warm, powerful and full. I’ve played DWs, Pearls, Getsch, Tama, Mapex… for whatever reason, the Casey kit just sits in the pocket. Never played a kit like it and I know you’ll feel the same.”
Adam Smith Adaline, Kevin Boese, Sessions
Kurt Smith
“Unreal Quality! Casey Drums are the drums to SWEAR by. Whatever you can dream can become your reality. Quality and sound meeting and exceeding top brands plus astounding personal customer service. Casey all the way!”
Kurt Smith The Faceplants

Brennan Gleason
“The feeling i receive rom playing Casey Drums is like no other. You really get the sense of the hard work, passion, dedication and craftsmanship that went into building these drums. I can’t say i’ve ever said that about another company.”
Brennan Gleason Rumble In The Grotto